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Five tips for playing golf in winter snow

Author:   Source:   Update: Sep 18, 2018

Going to the snow in the winter to play golf is indeed a challenge, but also a variety of threats to face the challenges of nature. Because one of the disadvantages is too much. To be good, we must overcome various disadvantages and difficulties. Sports experts suggest that to overcome these challenges, players must first have a good attitude, even playing winter, but also when it is a pure pleasure to enjoy. At the same time, we also need to apply good tactics. Because winter playing golf is not only the negative side, to be used can also become an advantage.

Recommend everyone 5 golf skills, so you play in the snow is also cool!

1, putter: This time the green is not like the push area, down like the moon's surface. Frozen greens speed will be faster, the ball in the top half is a rolling half is sliding. But the greens are good too, so you do not have to think about the grass because the grass has stopped growing. Design push, just focus on the speed can be considered.

2, with what kind of special hardcore: the best weapon in winter is a special low iron rebound, so the club head will not hit the hard turf. Suitable for hitting ball bouncing, so in the green near the club should be smaller clubs, the ball earlier rolling. Playing sandpit ball is the truth. If the bunker is frozen and the edge of the bunker is not too high, you'd better use a push, so you do not even have to have a bunker rod at this time.

3, Swing: Fairway frozen in winter, the golf flight distance unchanged, but the rolling distance will increase. In this case, the best hitting angle is not 12 degrees, but close to 8 degrees. In order to increase the batting distance, you should choose the smaller loft wood No. 1, the ball back position, in order to play a slight left curved ball. The ground is hard, playing curve ball more favorable. These conditions combine to make the hitting distance farther.

4, greens Gong: frozen ground on the tee off favorable, but all other batting adverse. When you're green, it's hard for you to stop the ball quickly. On frozen greens, the ball may bounce about ten yards or more. At this point, if you use the short irons you normally use to attack the green, the loft is too small, so you should choose the shorter one. It is also important to choose the first place. For the average golfer, playing in the winter is as challenging as playing the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock.

5, the goal should not be too high: playing in the winter, few people can maintain the usual number of shots, because then the obstacles to play too much. So, before the end you do not have to decide how many holes to play how many poles, it is important to fully enjoy the fun of playing.